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Do You Need to Recalibrate your Inner GPS?

Have you ever felt like you just took a wrong turn in life? Or gotten yourself backed so far into a corner of a situation that you absolutely don’t want, but have no idea how to get out? Felt so lost or disconnected from yourself and can’t seem to find your way home? These situations call for a recalibration of your inner GPS in order to make an appropriate course correction. The good news is that we always have choices available to us, even if those choices seem difficult or arduous, and we can change direction whenever we become aware of our current surroundings.
I tend to refer to the method for recalibration as “tuning in.” This requires you to slow down, quiet your mind, acknowledge and feel your feelings, attend to your body’s signals, and listen. Once the next right step becomes clear, your job is to take it. Repeat this process as you continue to move from your current location, preferably forward, until you once again know the road you are travelling is one of truth, integrity, relief, and ultimately peace (even if it is not always comfortable).
For me, I may jump forward into that next right step, but then go too far and begin to feel overwhelmed and tired. I get so far ahead of myself I forget my reasoning and purpose for why I started out in the first place. It is not necessarily my direction that is wrong, but my method of travel. Trying to do it all at once, putting pressure on the outcome to be perfect, or formulating a specific outcome in my mind that is clearly unknown and unpredictable as a way to attempt to comfort myself but that only serves to sabotage me!

How Do I Get Back on Track?

Often times, the action is just to slow down and reassess. Get clear about the original intention, and take only ONE step at a time. The next step will not occur until the current one is complete. And when growing and venturing into new territory, very often it can feel like trying to find your way in a dark room until you make it to the spot where you can finally turn on the light and gain perspective. This process requires trust in your own inner guidance system and clarity about what you want for your Self and your Life. Take your time with this part. There is no rush.
What are you being called to do, be, or share? Listen carefully, because in order to fulfill that calling, great changes may need to be made in your life. Are you ready to accept the challenge that growing into your amazing, wild, and wonderful self presents?
As always, I write from experiences with myself and ones that you share with me in my office. I have been taking some time to recalibrate my own inner GPS and I am finally back on track. It’s amazing what can happen when I put my own tools to use! As I have always said, “we teach what we most need to learn.” 
Use the tools on this site to help you in our own calibration process. Visit the Yoga and Meditation page and meditate with me or relax with some yoga postures. And if you feel like you need a fresh perspective, I am here for you! Have fun and share your experiences with me! I look forward to continued connection with you!