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For You To Contemplate Today…

“Let Go of the Shore”
By: Karen Drucker

“Let go of the shore and float into the mystery…”

Let’s do a slightly different process for meditation today. This will combine the inspiration that I like to share with you through song, with some thoughts to enhance your time in the quiet as you contemplate and consider what it is you want to move toward this year.

So today, and for as many days as you need, first read the following two excerpts below and then play the Karen Drucker song linked above. When the song is complete, sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, or as long as you need, and then journal about your experience. Don’t work on trying to make something happen or come to you, just allow the thoughts to flow and notice any deeper messages or impressions or insights or symbols or ideas that come to you. Allow these messages to serve as a guide toward your next step. This process of contemplation, getting quiet, and listening is a great practice to help you get clear and move forward with courage, clarity, consciousness, and support.

1) From the “Daily Word” (reading for January 15, 2017): “A boat in a dry dock will never experience the waters it was built to sail upon. The waters of my life ahead may range from turbulent and uncharted to safe harbors of stillness. How will I know unless I let go of the shore? I begin by inquiring within. Are there instances when I am clinging to the comfortable and safe rather than moving forward? I will know when it’s time to cast off when remaining anchored to the shore becomes less comfortable than launching into the unknown.”

2) From Iyanla VanZant on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah: “And this is what I tell my students all the time. There comes a moment in your life when you’re getting ready to step into a new place. In that place, you should be so scared that there’s a little bit of pee running down your leg. Just a little bit of pee. You don’t have to have a whole, you know, release of the bladder. But a little pee should be running down your leg. Because that’s when you’re gonna depend on something greater than you. If you don’t have a little bit of pee running down your leg, then you’re not living big enough. Keep moving. Keep walking. And you are gonna get into a new place.”

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