In this series of videos, I answer a variety of questions regarding counseling services, the process, and what you can expect.

Are my individual sessions during couple/family therapy kept private?

Can I request a separate therapist to work on individual issues while I am in family therapy?

Can I still meet individually with my marriage and family therapist?

Do we come together or separately?

Do you accept insurance?

Do you do marriage counseling with non-married couples?

Do you have evening or weekend hours?

Do you see couples who are divorced?

How do the first few appointments work?

How is marriage and family therapy different from individual therapy?

How much does marriage and family therapy cost?

How often do I come for marriage and family therapy sessions?

Is medication a substitute for therapy?

What are your specialities?

What can I expect in my first session?

What is the goal of couples counseling?

What is therapy like?

What is your experience as a marriage and family therapist?

What services does a marriage and family therapist provide?

What should we expect from therapy?

What types of therapy do you practice?

When should we seek help for our relationship?

Where do marriage and family therapists usually practice?

Will you take sides or will I be blamed?