Do old repetitive self-destructive patterns keep sabotaging your happiness?

It can be so frustrating to feel like you have done a lot of work to try and heal yourself but for some reason you keep repeating old patterns. Maybe you have experienced several painful relationships, or you are in a relationship that is struggling. Perhaps you always feel like you need to be in control. It may be difficult not to overreact when someone changes plans. Or, perhaps you have never been able to cross a bridge without holding your breath, or your chest tightens when you go into an enclosed space. If you have a lot of anxiety or have struggled with depression, the source of your pain and worry may be deeper than what your medication or talk therapy are targeting. It is easy to turn inward and wonder, “What is wrong with me?” You may wish you could just figure out why you keep experiencing the same thoughts, feelings, or behaviors over and over.

We Cannot Change What We Are Not Aware Of

The good news is there is nothing wrong with you. There are tools that exist for you to shed light on the “blind spots” preventing you from having clarity around certain issues. Many times, people have an experience from early in their childhoods that they have forgotten or repressed. If you do not know what the source of your issue is, how can you know what to change or heal? It’s like taking shots in the dark. If you have never been able to consciously understand why you have a certain fear or seem to keep sabotaging your relationships or your happiness, the source may be deeper than you think.

You are not alone in this experience. Although it may feel isolating to feel like a part of you does not make sense, that experience is very common as it is impossible to hold 100% of your life experiences in the conscious mind. If you don’t know about an experience or if you never made a clear connection between something you do remember and a current behavior or thought pattern, then how could you try and change it?

Hypnotherapy Can Help to Heal the Source of Your Issues

Hypnotherapy can help. It is a very specific process that accesses the subconscious mind where all of your life memories are stored. It can also allow you to release stuffed emotions that maybe you were not able or safe enough to express at the time a difficult event occurred. During hypnotherapy sessions, you can relax enough to get in touch with an inner knowing about your experience and reclaim missing pieces of your life puzzle. You can also identify limiting beliefs that you created as a child based on your limited resources. As you begin to understand your experience from your current adult perspective, the dots can connect. Your thoughts, your feelings, and your fears can begin to make more sense to you.

Through hypnotherapy, you can become aware of how you manage personal boundaries. With the help of a hypnotherapist, you can become able to understand your family of origin from a different perspective and begin to heal a large spectrum of traumatic experiences (from seemingly innocuous events to severe trauma and abuse). Hypnotherapy can assist you with accessing inner resources within yourself to live a more empowered, whole, and joyful life.

You may feel Hypnotherapy could really help you but you have some concerns and questions about what you will experience …

Will you make me cluck like a chicken, like I have seen on those hypnotist stage shows?

There is a difference between hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Using hypnosis in a therapy setting is a very powerful tool that I will only use with the utmost respect for you. My intention is never to control you, and, actually, it is a myth that people lose control under hypnosis. You remain in full control of yourself, body, mind, and spirit, and I serve as a guide in your process. You are even able to stop a session whenever you would like to. This is your therapy and we will move at your pace. All of the information that we use in the session comes from you. I do not have an agenda nor do I have expectations of what your result may be.

Will I remember what happens?hypnotherapy

Yes, you will have a full memory of what happens. Although, many people experience that the details of the session may fade a bit over time (like a dream). We will have a follow-up session to discuss the process, and you are free to ask me to fill in any details that may have become blurry in the meantime. I do record parts of the session for you, so that you can reinforce the healing that occurs. I also encourage you to journal after a session to retain any insights or experiences that may be on the surface right after a session.

Events from my past were buried for a reason, why dig them up now? Aren’t they best kept hidden?

This is a very common concern. Experiences are often buried because, at the time of their occurrence, you may not have possessed the resources or the opportunity to process them. However, there is great understanding and awareness to be gained from those buried memories. Think of the buried memories as sitting in the shadows of a dark room with only a sliver of light shining through the window. If you had never been in that room before, would you be able to get a sense of how it was laid out? It is the same with our minds. When you can illuminate what is in the shadows, you can gain a more complete understanding of yourself. When you understand all of your experience, you can become more whole and make change from a much more informed place. Although some memories are painful to excavate, they are nevertheless your experience and just as important. When all the pieces of the puzzle exist, you can understand your true self and therefore express it more authentically out into the world.

You Can Stop Feeling Stuck and Move Forward in Your Life

If you are feeling ready to heal your past and step into wholeness, I invite you to listen to a very short relaxation and visualization exercise that can gently introduce you to hypnotherapy and what a trance state feels like. This will help you to access a resource within yourself to manage fears and triggers in your life. If you have more questions for me about the process I further invite you to email me. I look forward to speaking with you!