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How do you move forward?

A wise friend recently reminded me, “You can’t go forward while moving backwards.” Wow, is this so true!

I know I am stuck or in my own way when the books begin to pile up on my counter and/or nightstand. I am obviously seeking “the answer” to tell me what to do next. I am looking everywhere but forward. Throughout the years, I have come to understand (yet still oftentimes forget), the answer is not in the book, it is not in the mind or heart of another person, and it is not in the future. It is in my own heart, that lives in the heart of something greater than me, and it is right now. All I have to do is stop the runaway train of my thoughts and fears and tune in. Then, the next right action appears. It’s probably been sitting right in front of me the whole time if I would only lift my head up and face forward! Amazing how that works, right?

Have you ever struggled with moving forward? Maybe you get stuck on things in the past and allow your focus to remain on what “coulda, shoulda, woulda” been instead of what is right now? Or maybe you know that you need to do something different but have no clue where to begin, what that would look like, or are terrified of even contemplating it? What is piling up in your life and blocking your perspective? Does your mind feel foggy or cloudy with all of these miscellaneous thoughts or distractions?

On my recent trip to The Wellness Institute in Seattle where I get the opportunity to participate in fellowship, learn new ways to help others, slow down out of my regular life, and go inside to explore new opportunities for growth, I discovered a new process. I am currently integrating it into my daily life as a way to practice moving forward and I hope that maybe it will help you to develop your own version of this practice.

For me, moving forward feels like walking across an invisible bridge. I have an inner knowing that the bridge exists and it is leading me toward a higher purpose, and that the only way I will make it across is by moving forward. So far, it has been my experience that when I take a step, the next part of the bridge appears and I am always supported. This does not mean that I don’t forget this at times, get frozen with fear, pray for someone else to come save me from this predicament, doubt my own inner knowing, or want to just give up. I may also turn backwards for a time, search a billion books for a different answer, and wonder if maybe it was better back there, or maybe that is the road “home.” None of these diversions do anything to move me forward. And Life does not pause while I’m trying to “figure it out.” In the meantime, the bridge ceases to expand. As attractive as that option seems at times, it will not sustain me. I know that I must move and that moving forward is the only viable option.

Here is the simple and humble process that showed up to help me do just that:

1) Be Curious
2) Trust in Spirit
3) Breathe
4) Believe in yourself
5) Take one step forward with courage
6) Repeat

This process is circular and feeds on itself. It is meant to fuel each step in your journey that unfolds one step at a time. I hope that it may help you to build your own bridge or pathway as you move your life forward from wherever you find yourself in this moment. You may also use the visualization included at the bottom of this post during your meditation time to help you with this process.

So if you are finding yourself stuck, or looking backwards, turn around! Lift your head up and take a deep breath! You can do it! If you need more support, send me an email or give me a call. Or feel free to practice the meditations on this site or browse through other blog posts. I would love to hear about your experiences along the way!


For this week, create a visualization to anchor your forward movement. Be as detailed as you like and make sure to use all of your senses as you bring this scene to your mind.
Here’s a way to begin: Sit down in a comfy spot, light a candle to invite in the Light, and close your eyes. Take at least 5 deep breaths and feel yourself shifting into a more relaxed state and drifting from the busyness of your life. Focus on the point right between your eyebrows – this is the point of clear vision, often referred to as your “third eye.” Bring to mind a pathway. Use your imagination to allow all the details of this pathway to emerge. Open your senses to feel, taste, smell, and hear all that surrounds you here on your path. Then begin to sense yourself moving forward. Move in whatever way and at whatever pace you wish. Feel free to use the process above to help you. Anchor this experience and breathe it right into your heart. Look forward. If you feel the urge to look back, what are you seeking there? Notice what lies ahead. Does the path emerge as you move or can you see far? Allow this to unfold as your own personal experience. There is no right or wrong way. And it may be different each time you practice this, just allow it to ground the concept of moving forward for you and help you to stay focused on taking one step at a time with each and every breath. Enjoy the journey!
“I can’t walk through life facing backwards. I have tried, tried more than once to just make sure, and I was denied the future I’d been searching for. Then I spun around and hurt no more… by living in the moment, living my life, easy and breezy, with peace in my mind, with peace in my heart, and peace in my soul. Wherever I’m going, I’m already home!”┬áLiving In The Moment ~ Jason Mraz
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