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An Invitation for Abundance and Prosperity:

Do you live in fear that you don’t or won’t have enough, or do you trust that all is well, there is more than enough, and all your needs are met? When the bank account is running low, or a large credit card bill comes in, it’s easy to go into a thought process of “not enough” or fear that you won’t be able to cover everything. This may also apply to relationships, parenting, work, and even how you see yourself. You may fear that your partner will never love you enough, your parenting will not give your kids all they deserve, you will never achieve all that you desire, or that maybe that false belief about not being enough is actually true. This fear keeps you limited and suffocates your true nature. Today I offer a different perspective.

I know that many of you have learned about the power of your thoughts and how your perceptions influence your reality. So rather than live in the fear of “not enough,” why not begin to shift into a new belief that there is “more than enough?” Every time you begin to doubt, remember there is an infinite supply of all that you need in the Universe. All you have to do is stay in tune with this awareness. It sounds simple, yet it is actually quite profound.

The most helpful tool to access your inner knowing or awareness is your breath. Just bring your focus onto your breath and use your senses to listen to the sound of your inhale and exhale; visualize it flowing in and out of your body like a flowing stream of water or light; feel the sensation of your breath in your nostrils, in your throat, and in the expansion and contraction of your diaphragm. This practice brings you into the present moment, which is where Truth resides. This is where you may remember your true purpose, decisions become more clear, and personal power is strong. Use this tool to expand your experience of the abundance available in each moment and in every experience you encounter. Before you know it, you won’t even have to think about it, you will just naturally go there more and more often.

So here is something to try this week: make it a new practice for yourself to focus your thoughts and your heart on what you are grateful for in your life, remind yourself that you have all that you need in this moment, you are more than enough, and get clear about what you want to draw into your life. Use this practice as a meditation for 15 minutes each day and write out any awarenesses that come to you.

For more detailed support and guidance with this practice, check out “The Abundance Book,” by John Randolph Price. It has a 40-day prosperity plan in it that I am in the middle of and thoroughly enjoying. I hope that it brings you much peace and all that you want for yourself and your life!

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