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The Gifts of Forgiveness:

As most of us do, I am sure that you have someone or something in your life that needs forgiveness. We all have hurts, resentments, regrets, traumas and experiences that we wish turned out differently. This backwards focus on the past keeps you from moving forward. To stay stuck in the energy of vengeance towards another or yourself is highly destructive on all levels of your being.

Forgiveness is a powerful healing force. It is for you and your own healing, not for anyone else. It does not excuse or justify the behavior of others but rather frees you from the prison you create within the walls of your hurt, anger, rage, resentment, and fear. Forgiveness allows you to stand strong in your personal power, aware of your own actions and choices, and frees you up to give and receive love from a clear place.

Forgiveness also frees you to see your life challenges and wounds as opportunities for growth and expansion. Reframing your hurts in this way helps you to see how staying focused on the “why” of a situation, misses the lesson. I encourage you to explore where forgiveness is needed in your life. Give yourself the gift of peace that comes with the release of that which burdens your heart, mind, and soul.

Ask yourself, “Who do I need to forgive?” Are you operating out of a misconception about forgiveness that is keeping you stuck? How does it serve you to hold onto resentments? What are you afraid of if you should truly let go?

In my own search to deepen my peace and expand my freedom, I have begun to learn more about the process of forgiveness. I have enlisted Iyanla Vanzant, a highly respected spiritual teacher, whom many of you may know or have heard me talk about before. She’s tough, but only because she’s been right where you are and done the deep work needed for her own healing. Her wisdom is encouraging and empowering and invites you to do your own work. She now has an e-course aptly entitled “Forgiveness.” If you find yourself needing some extra support and help in forgiving yourself or someone else, I highly recommend this for you.

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