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Heart-Centered Meditation

This video is one that I created to accompany the blog outlining 5 Steps to Hope and Healing after the shootings at Pulse Night Club in Orlando. It provides a great idea for practicing a heart-centered meditation with a focus on the word “LOVE” as your mantra. This meditation helps to open up your heart-center to deepen your connection to your own compassion for self and others, to receive love and compassion from those around you, and to create more love in your life. This can be done on your own time and for whatever time frame works for you. Give it a try! Enjoy!

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Hello again everyone! I wanted to continue this series of meditation videos with you. And again, in connection with the newsletter for this week, I’m talking about “Tools for Hope and Healing” after the shootings at Pulse in Orlando last weekend. I have carried this heavy on my heart this week and just have been wanting to send something out to help in whatever way that I can. So, I’ve written a blog that gives you some tools to work through any feelings that you are having, any experiences, and how we are processing it individually and as a community.

Meditation is always a helpful tool as well, so I wanted to offer a heart-centered meditation. When I say heart-centered, I don’t mean our physical heart, I mean our heart-center, which is right here in the center of your chest. It’s a place of focus to really bring up feelings of compassion and unconditional love. At times like these, this is a great place to put your focus.

This week, what I would like for you to do again, as setting a timer on your phone is always a great way to just build a block for meditation so that you have a beginning and an end. And you don’t have to think about it. Once you set the timer, then you can just go and it will remind you when it’s time to end.

So, set your timer for 5-10 minutes, whatever time feels best for you. Allow yourself to close your eyes, and just focus on your breath. Breathe in and out through your nose. Visually, you can even imagine just breathing in and out through your heart-center. So as you breathe in and out with your eyes closed, just focus in on your heart-center. Breathe in the word, “LOVE,” and breathe out the word, “LOVE.” Just allow that to be your focus. And any thoughts that come into your mind as you are doing that, just allow them to flow on through. But allow that focus to be on the feelings that come up as you say the word, and really allow your heart to open. In times like this it’s hard to open up our hearts. After tragedies we can tend to feel like we want to close off everything. We feel very vulnerable. So, safely practicing something like this just allows us to experience that heart opening again, which is also where we can access our emotions as well. And allow them to just flow out in whatever way feels natural.

I hope you give yourself a chance in this coming week to do this practice. You can send me feedback. I loved the feedback that I got last time. I love to hear how things go for you all. And if there are any kinds of meditations that you would like for me to offer, I’d be happy to do that and actually physically do the meditation. Right now I’m just giving you ideas and you can take that through the week and apply them in whatever way works for you. I hope you have a wonderful week! Know that I carry you in my heart. I’ll talk to you soon!

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