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I have a beautiful poster in my office that many people ask, “what is that a picture of?” It is a symbolic represechakra picturentation of the 7 primary chakras that flow from the base of your spine right up to just above the top of your head. Thanks to scientific research and the surgence of yoga and meditation as important stress-management and self-care practices, the word “chakra” has become a much more mainstream concept over the past 10-20 years. It is a sanskrit term which literally means “wheel of light/energy.” Chakras are simply energy clusters in our bodies that help to direct our life force and can serve as a helpful roadmap in understanding the mind-body connection.

This blog is a tool to help develop a deeper understanding of this ancient teaching. Below I have provided a simple outline to describe the location, color, sound, and the basic components of each chakra, along with affirmations for each. These aspects are different portals into each chakra to get a sense of where it is, what it feels like, and what issues may be present for you in each area. I hope that this will become a helpful guide as you continue to broaden your conscious understanding of your own personal experience! If you are interested in practicing a chakra meditation, download my free CD, Blissful Serenity and listen to the “Sunflower Meditation.”

1st Chakra: “The Root Chakra”

Location: At the base of your spine

Color: Red

Sound: Key of C

Vibrational sound:  Lam

The root chakra is associated with issues of survival, abundance, belonging, and the belief that all your needs are met. When you have encountered traumatic experiences that threaten or suspend these inherent gifts, issues can arise. Affirmations to help heal this area and free the flow of energy here are: All my needs are met; Life is abundant; I belong; There is more than enough; I have all that I need. Organs associated with elimination and grounding you to the earth are key here. If you are having physical issues with the root area of the body, allow yourself to release feelings of lack, limitation, isolation, and disconnection. Provide yourself experiences that connect you to the earth and nature. The energy here is dense and heavy. Bottom line: GET GROUNDED!

2nd Chakra: ‘The Sacral Chakra”

Location: 3 inches below your navel

Color: Orange

Sound: Key of D

Vibrational sound: Vam

The second chakra is associated with issues of creativity, healthy sexuality, passion for life, and spontenaeity. It is associated with the sexual organs. If you have encountered physical issues such as fibroids, urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts, testicular issues, etc. focus on this chakra will be helpful in your healing. Emotional baggage often carried in this area is shame, fear, and/or control issues. Affirmative statements to help here are: I am creative and whole just as I am; I embrace spontenaeity and fun; I allow my inner child to come out and play; I am a healthy sexual being and open myself to fun and uninhibited sexual expression. Creative practices of art, dance, singing, or playing with children are great ways to open this chakra. Engaging in a healthy sexual relationship or getting your “sexy” on also help to express the essence of this chakra. Bottom line: HAVE FUN!!! 

3rd Chakra: “The Power Chakra”

Location: Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow/Gold

Sound: Key of E

Vibrational sound: Ram

The third chakra is your personal power center. This is where qualities like integrity, empowerment, authenticity, courage, healthy boundaries and personal responsibility reside. You will know this chakra is out of balance if you identify with any of the roles in the “victim triangle” (ie., victim, rescuer, persecutor), if you have trouble being honest with yourself or others, if you struggle with issues of power (either an abuse of power or surrendering of your power to others) or lack personal boundaries. Affirmative statements related to this chakra are: I am strong; I am courageous; I live in full integrity; I honor my truth; I stand in my personal power; I am 100% responsible for what I create in my life; I hold others able to run their own lives; I maintain healthy boundaries. Setting clear boundaries, standing on your own two feet in relation to others, honoring your inner knowing, and getting out of the victim triangle are great practices to help heal this area of your body. Issues with your stomach, liver, gallbladder, or digestive issues may be clues that you have some work to do here. Bottom line: EMPOWER YOURSELF!

4th Chakra: “The Heart Center”

Location: The center of your chest

Color: Green

Sound: Key of F

Vibrational sound: Yam

The fourth chakra is often referred to as your “heart center.” It is said to be where heaven and earth meet in your physcial body. It begins the transition from the more earthy, dense chakras into a higher, more spiritual frequency. This is the place of unconditional love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and acceptance. If you struggle with issues of grief, judgement of self or others, deep sadness, hurt, or betrayal, you will feel it in your heart and it may manifest physically as heart issues, lung problems, or respiratory infections/chronic cough. Affirmative statements here are: I love myself unconditionally; I live in full acceptance of myself and my life; I forgive all those who may have harmed me; I forgive myself for all my mistakes and shortcomings; I release conditions, fear, and sadness and embrace love, mercy, and compassion. Hugs are wonderful ways to heal this area, nurturing yourself with loving kindness, helping and/or serving others, and practicing living your life in love. Bottom line: LOVE YOURSELF & LOVE OTHERS FULLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY!

5th Chakra: “The Throat Chakra”

Location: Throat

Color: Blue

Sound: Key of G

Vibrational sound: Ham

The thoat chakra is associated with self-expression, your voice, and speaking your truth. If you struggle with blocks in your throat, you lose your voice, your throat feels tight, or the words just simply will not come out, this chakra has a lesson for you. Ask yourself, “What is it that I really need to say?” Allow yourself to live in your fullest expression without shame, repression, censoring, or hiding. Affirmative statements here are: I speak my truth no matter what; I show up as my full self at all times; I express myself courageously; My voice is important. Practice exercises that allow you to speak up, tell the truth, be yourself, and express yourself through writing, singing, speaking, or any other form of self-expression that suits you. Bottom line: SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

6th Chakra: “The Third Eye”

Location: In between your eyebrows

Color: Purple

Sound: Key of A

Vibrational sound: Sham

The sixth chakra is your “Third Eye.” In meditation is it often used as the focal point through which to enter a meditative state. Many people who meditate report seeing purple light when they focus on this area during meditation. When you visualize this area as an actual eye that can open up, it is a way to visualize a place within you that allows you to see clearly, to let go of illusion or fogginess, and to see your truth. When issues of denial, fantasy thinking, memory blocks, or confusion exist, focus on this area is helpful. Imagine removing all of the veils that prevent you from seeing what you need to see and opening to clarity, decisiveness, and a logical next step for your life. Physically, issues here may be headaches, foggy thinking, anxiety, fear, and vision problems. Affirmative statements are: I see my truth with courage; The path ahead is very clear; I trust that I know the next step; I see all the choices available to me; I am clear. Allow yourself also to connect with a spiritual connection in this chakra. You may see or encounter that spiritual teacher/being/guide/God/etc. This is where your life purpose may become more clear. Allow yourself to make a connection and visualize what you truly want for yourself as you continue to walk your life path. Bottom line: SEE YOUR TRUTH!

7th Chakra: “The Crown Chakra”

Location: Just above the top of your head

Color: All colors/White

Sound: Key of B

Vibrational sound: Om

This chakra is located just outside of your body above your head and is represented by all of the colors merging together to become pure white light. This is a divine light, the energy and vibration of which connects you to all sentient beings in the universe. It is the connection to All. The sound vibration of “Om” literally means that… it is the universal sound of the all of the universe. So here you will connect to a oneness, a higher knowing that you are but a grain of sand in the desert and the desert all at the same time. You can even imagine recieving healing light from the heavens right down through the top of your head. Conversely, you can imagine releasing illness or negative emotions up through the top of your head where it can be recieved and transmuted into healing light.  If you struggle with feeling isolated or exiled from God, lonliness, feeling like you are in charge of the universe, or disconnected in any way, this chakra can help you to create a connection. Bottom Line: WE ARE ALL ONE!

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