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Meditation provides many benefits when incorporated into our daily lives. Realizing that it only takes a minute or two to begin, can take a seemingly overwhelming task and make it extremely manageable. Here are a few benefits to get you motivated!
1) Increase clarity – This applies to all aspects of your life; if you are trying to make an important decision, relay your true feelings to your partner or friend, or simply make a clear statement of “yes” or “no,” meditation helps. When you quiet your mind, you clear out all of the “chatter” that is the incessant thought stream in your head, and you begin to tune into your True Self. From this centered point, you experience less confusion and the path ahead becomes much more clear.
2) Get along better with friends and loved ones- When you are stressed you are more likely to snap at your children or co-workers, be more aggressive on the road, and stop listening to what your partner is trying to communicate with you. There is just too much chaos in your head. Taking 5-10 minutes each day to breath and clear your mind helps to provide more awareness of when you get ramped up and need to calm down, and an overall level of calmness that comes when you begin to know the feeling that relaxation brings.
3) Reduce Anxiety – When I am not attending to myself very well, I tend to walk around with a fluttering in my heart or my stomach. Its that undercurrent of anxiety that exists when I lose track of my inner knowing. Meditation helps to bring the focus inward, and release whatever thoughts, fears, or need to control are crowding my peace. It reconnects me to myself and plugs me back into my spiritual source. Use meditation to identify when you are feeling anxiety and experience the antidote that comes with developing a stronger spiritual connection and a deeper sense of security within yourself.
4) Increase concentration – Stress impacts your ability to remember and stay on task. You may become more and more scattered and preoccupied with what is going to happen in the future, and what is currently on your to-do list. You may feel that you simply don’t have enough time to meditate. However, remaining in such a disoriented state actually makes you less productive. Taking the 5-30 minute time out to sit down and be quiet actually gives your brain the break it needs to refocus and zero in on what needs to be done in this moment. It is much easier to concentrate on one thing at a time rather than 50 things at once. The present moment awareness that meditation develops helps you to concentrate on what needs to be done right now in this very moment. One moment at a time.
5) Increase physical well-being – ┬áStress can cause a myriad of physical health issues and meditation is the perfect prescription. Research has informed us that meditation can help to lower blood pressure, enhance your immune system, and release endorphins that let your body know that everything is okay. You may find that through increased breathing capacity you discover a lower resting heart rate and your energy is up. You sleep better and you may become more aware of unhealthy patterns in your life and have the clarity to make a change.
There are no limits to the way meditation can benefit you. What do you have to lose? Give it a try today! I look forward to hearing about your experiences. If I can be of any assistance to you along the way, feel free to reach out, explore the meditations on this site, or attend a meditation class today! Most of all, have fun
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